Tuesday, 11 January 2022

DIY at Bestcigliquid

 DIY at Bestcigliquid

Bestcigliquid doesn’t just stop at aromas and NET, because it also has a DIY part that is quite developed. It thus offers PG / VG, but we regret that for the moment, the maximum capacity is only 500 ml. But as a vaper, you are always thirsty for nicotine, so the site offers nicotine freebase and in salts ranging from 30ml up to 1 liter which is clearly a good point.

What is a NET tobacco e-liquid ?


What is a NET tobacco e-liquid ?

Tobacco macerate is a type of e-liquid that we will make differently from conventional products. In conventional juices, we will use synthetic chemistry to get the flavor we want. In a NET Tobacco found on Bestcigliquid, you take tobacco leaves, put them in solutions like PG for 6 to 8 months.

This very slow maceration will provide a liquid with intense and extremely tasty aromas. Then we filter and purify this e-liquid to have something clean. And then you can vape it by adding nicotine.

Best NET Tobacco E-liquid

 Best NET Tobacco E-liquid

But the great strength of Bestcigliquid and what interested me about this site is its huge catalog of NET Tobacco eliquid. NET e-liquid have been around for years in vaping, but they are difficult to sell on a large scale. This is why they are not easily found on “mainstream” vaping sites.

The Tobacco E-liquid Products bestcigliquid offers

The Tobacco E-liquid Products bestcigliquid offers

Basically, Bestcigliquid started with the idea of ​​offering e-liquids as diverse as possible to its customers. You choose the capacity, level of nicotine, and a large amount of flavor and the site makes the liquid for you. You could say it’s the same for many DIY sites, but BCL’s approach is a little different. On the one hand, they don’t just take popular flavors. They will look for many possible flavors to offer the maximum diversity.

Bestcigliquid offers 3 types of e-liquid offers, Easy Mix, Shortfill and Bot Shots. The Easy Mix allows you to choose the amount of liquid, 50 and 100 ml, choose the aroma you want, the level of nicotine you want (can go up to 24 mg) and you have a liquid ready to use.

The Shortfill is similar to those found on other vaping sites, but the aroma catalog is impressive. And the Bot Shot is a 250ml e-liquid that you can nicotine up to 3mg. The site’s approach is really interesting, because it allows novices to taste DIY e-liquids without having to get their hands dirty. And the fact that they do everything themselves, it helps to lower the prices considerably.

Monday, 14 June 2021

Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquid

Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquid

Naturally Extracted Tobacco is a process used to extract the Tobacco essence from the Tobacco leaf. These Tobacco flavours are the purest Tobacco flavour your going to get with nothing added or taken away.

Checkout our Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquid products:

Black Bogie

Smoked Latakia

Aged Burley

Pure Latakia

Real Golden Virginia

Organic Virginia Apple

Menthol Tobacco

Simply Leaf


Rough Shag

American Twist

Caribbean Flake

Christmas Pipe

Organic Flue Cured

River Dance

Black Irish

Virginia 1676

Cocoa Tobacco

Chocolate Flake

Old American Virginia

Gentleman's Pipe

Brown Bogie

Jamaican Exclusive

Dark Fire Cured

The Balrog

Black Cherry Pipe


Cigar Exclusive


Coffee Perique

Cream of the Pipe

Perique Reserve

Apple Leaf

Malawi Sun Cured

Wild Cut Pipe

St James Perique

Black Latakia

Golden Age

Scottish Mixture Pipe

Tobacco Concentrates

Tobacco Concentrates

Checkout our huge list of the best tasting Tobacco Concentrates. Most of these tobacco Concentrates use pure Tobacco Leaf for that premium style taste.

A 10 ml bottle of Tobacco Concentrate is enough for a 100 ml bottle if you DIY your E-liquid.